The Prestigious Way of Parking

Our goal is to revolutionize how valet parking gets done by streamlining traditional services and providing access to amenities all in the palm of your hand!

About MultiPark Valet

MultiPark Valet ® facilitates a smoother, simpler valet parking experience for guest attending daily events. Once downloaded, MultiPark resolves the issue of waiting for attendants to park or retrieve their vehicle before and after an event and provides convenient payment options for services. MultiPark’s core valet features are offered at a vast selection of restaurants, hotels and other hospitality establishments.

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How It Works

Get started in 3 easy steps


Create an account with your email address or register through social media sites such as Facebook.

Find Valet

Search the area near you or by zip code of registered vendors. Choose the date & time when you'll be arriving.

Book & Payment

Pay quick and easy using Apple Pay, Google Play, or your debit / credit card. Drive to your reserved vendor and get checked in.

Special Features

QR Code Check-In

In-App Car Request

Advance Reservation

Service Ratings

Mobile Payment

Ready to experience MultiPark for yourself?

Sign up as a first-time vendor or user and start accessing valet services the prestigious way.